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La Navaja Restaurant

La Navaja was born with the purpose to be an actual and varied cooking restaurant where quality and flavour come first. It is based on a cuisine with a traditional base, despite its innovative and modern-style proposals, both characteristics of the group’s restaurants: La Tasquita de Mami and Esterlicia Restaurante.
The quality, taste, service, and the merger between tradition and the new gastronomic trends are the values transmitted from the kitchen to the table. To create a unique experience from the beginning until the end, that win all the senses over. We are located on the South of the Island of Tenerife, more precisely at the Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach). From our terrace, you can enjoy our amazing view where the see joins the banana trees.

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Our Cooking

At La Navaja, you will find a typical menu from the Spanish cuisine, but also Canarian dishes as the “papas arrugadas” with “mojo”, the grilled cheese with gofio and Palma honey, and sometimes we’ll even surprise you with special dishes from other world trends’ cultures in order to satisfy all types of palates, always betting on quality products and joining together traditional flavors and modern techniques.

Our menu stands out for its seafood, such as fried octopus with potatoes and paprika ali-oli from La Vera, which preserves all the flavor and freshness from the Atlantic Ocean; although you can also find meat dishes such as the Baked Lamb Shoulder or the Low Loin of mature Galician blond cow. In addition, we have a great variety of rices prepared from scratch upon ordering. Undoubtedly, the perfect icing to enjoy good company with a good wine.

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